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We’re water nerds and we cannot lie! Kaneen’s strategists and project managers understand water operations, resources, conservation, regulations and water quality – and can translate those complex and often fast-changing issues into materials that capture attention. We’re proud to have been a partner with Tucson Water for more than 20 years, ready to evolve as our community changes and sustainability demands.
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Water Matters

Kaneen staff develops creative and infographics, writes copy, art directs, fact checks and uploads art files for production. Monthly distribution: @255,000 print and e-versions. English and Spanish.

PSAs &
Public Education

Tucson Water has a history of engaging PSAs and education campaigns about water resources. Evidence: iconic Beat the Peak/Pete the Beak spots, plus recent PSAs and videos such as We Keep Your Water Flowing, Five Water Resources, Reservoir Divers and The Santa Cruz River Heritage Project.     

Facilication &
Process Improvement

Kaneen’s facilitator team has helped Tucson Water with improving emergency preparedness plans, redesigning utility statements, eliminating redundant data systems and creating better public education programs about water.


We’ve conducted a wide range of research for the utility: Tucson Water’s first statistically valid online survey, Decision H2O intercept taste tests, customer focus groups, phone surveys and rebranding brainstorming. We partner with locally based firms FMR and ilumina consulting.

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