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Tucson Water

We’re water nerds and we cannot lie! Kaneen’s strategists and project managers understand water operations, resources, conservation, regulations and water quality – and can translate those complex and often fast-changing issues into materials that capture attention. We’re proud to have been a partner with Tucson Water for more than 20 years, ready to evolve as our community changes and sustainability demands.

Water Does Matter to Tucson

PRSA Southern Arizona awarded its sole 2022 Best in Show to Tucson Water’s monthly Water Matters newsletter. A Tucson Water project manager and a Kaneen graphic designer and content specialist plan, design, research, write, fact check, create infographics and illustrations, revise, and produce the newsletter. The pub reaches @255,000 bill insert customers and 177,000 digital customers.

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Animations That Explain

Kaneen uses animations with video to explain complex info or connections. For example, animations to show how reclaimed water is recharged into the aquifer, an organization chart of the staff and nonprofit providers supporting domestic violence court, and how to install a backflow system with rainwater or graywater system.

Conservation Call to Action

Customers love saving water and money with rebates and incentives! Kaneen helped the utility develop a brand identifier for Residential and Commercial conservation materials, plus bilingual POP rack cards and postcards for high efficiency toilets and gray water systems. 

Conservation Postcard-front.png

Great Images Grab Attention

Tucson Water had an image wish list and the Kaneen team delivered 400 images over 2 half days and 9 locations. From donning hardhats to visit a reservoir rehab in action to close ups of the Water Quality Lab pros, it was a blast. Shout out of thanks to Martha Lochert Photography and Leslie Evans Studio.

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