Tucson Delivers

“Tucson Delivers” is an umbrella for four popular voter-approved investments: a 2017 half-cent sales tax increase to fund road repairs and capital projects for TPD and TFD, and a 2018 bond package to improve City parks amenities and connections. Kaneen’s role was to create unifying marks, assist with voter education materials and to support the three Tucson Delivers-related citizens’ oversight committees responsible for monitoring $350 million plus in funding.

Logo Mark

Each mark had to stand on its own and have similar design elements to connect it to the Tucson Delivers family. These marks work on clings, signage, outreach materials and digital media.

TucDel Logo-Parks-CMYK.jpg
TucDel Logo-Connections-CMYK.jpg


Working with City staff, Kaneen developed an array of print outreach and educational materials for all four Tucson Delivers’ efforts including brochures, info cards in English and Spanish, displays, web content, voter information, fact sheets and FAQs. Content and images had to adhere to Political Action Guidelines for Employees and Officers, plus Title VI, Section 508, the Civil Rights Act, Americans with Disabilities Act and other public participation outreach guidelines.  (Yes, we know those regulations.)

Special Events

Open houses, ribbon cuttings and media and neighborhood tours are fun, showcase new investments, and signal transparency and accountability to voters.

FS 9 shoveling dirt.jpg
Annual Report Cover.jpg
Accountability 1 Tucson Delivers Progres

Voter Transparency

Kaneen works with staff, oversight commissions and the City Clerk’s office to make events and Oversight Commission meetings accessible to all. That means we schedule, provide notice, ensure a quorum, draft an agenda, locate a venue, assist with presentations, set-up, attend and draft legal action reports. Accountability also means creating website content, eblasts and Commission annual reports.