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New Work

Check out the latest work produced by the Kaneen Communications team.

Old Nogales Interceptor Mailer

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ONI Phase 3 Mailer-2.jpg
ONI Phase 3 Mailer.jpg
Joaquin Murrieta Banner_2.18.22.jpg
JM Park Survey_11x17_Page_1.jpg

Joaquin Murrieta Park Outreach

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Fire Station 9 Ribbon-Cutting & Grand Opening

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New Mark for City of Tucson

Tucson is a growing, vibrant city – and needed a modern mark that reflected that energy! Using a five-step creative process, Kaneen worked with key City staff to create a new digital-friendly mark. This ADA-compliant mark package comes with a brand guide and templates for websites, FB, Instagram, videos, memos, media releases, virtual backgrounds, & more.


Great Images Grab Attention

Tucson Water had an image wish list and the Kaneen team delivered 400 images over 2 half days and 9 locations. From donning hardhats to visit a reservoir rehab in action to close ups of the Water Quality Lab pros, it was a blast. Shout out of thanks to Martha Lochert Photography and Leslie Evans Studio.

Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Made Easy

Kaneen teamed up with Tucson Water’s GSI pros to create a new program name and mark that would connect to the public and work in Spanish. The Storm to Shade name focuses on GSI’s key benefits and the mark incorporates raindrops and leaves of the ironwood tree, native to Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. Watch for Storm to Shade to appear on pilot project signage, fact sheets, and e-signatures.

Storm to Shade_tagline-horizontal.jpg
Storm to Shade_Spanish-tagline-horizontal.jpg
Prop 411 one sheet flyer_ENG-SPN_print_Page_2.jpg
Prop 411 Card MockUp.png

Connecting Voters to Prop 411

In May 2022, more than 70% of Tucson voters approved Proposition 411 that extended a half-cent sales tax for streets and safety improvements! We’d like to think we helped with a strategic voter education campaign. Kaneen simplified, designed, and produced voter education materials, including an info card, fact sheet, digital banner, and more.

PSA Covers for Kaneen site-01.png



PSA Covers for Kaneen site-02.png

MaskUpTucson Short Videos

Kaneen did the creative, writing and directing of two videos in English/Spanish

featuring the Mayor and Council Members answering the question, “Who do you wear a mask for?” The call to action: “Wear a mask for you, for others and for Tucson” links personal action to the public good. Keeping it local, we worked with Tucson-based photographer Martha Lochert and director/producer Scot Litteer.

Free Masks!

If you want people to wear masks, then make cloth masks free and easy to get! Working across City staff and departments, we helped with the planning, outreach and logistics of a special Saturday morning drive-up mask distribution event. Our team researched, wrote and created graphics for the Mask Wear & Care Guide too.

COT Mask Up Tucson Event - Twitter.png
Wear & Care for Your Cloth Mask_Alternat
Wear & Care for Your Cloth Mask.jpg

Online & Digital Delivers

Desktop and mobile banners with Daily Star garnered 91,354 impressions and a 77% click rate. We got even more engagement with a Twitter sponsorship, paid Spanish media FB posts, and embedding info & video links in City department eblasts and Mayor and Council e-newsletters. 

Transit Ads & Bus Wraps

With free transit rides during COVID, Sun Tran bus stop ads and partial wraps are a sure bet to reach people. The seven-week transit stop covered 16 stops and 28 wraps. Free added value: Sun Tran is running the MaskUp videos at transit centers through the end of October 2020.  


Public Outreach Goes Green

During the last 18 months, the Kaneen has brought COVID-safe in-person public outreach to local parks: public updates on the Grant Road Improvement Project Phase 5 & 6 at Tahoe Park and La Madera Parks that Kaneen organized with Parks & Recreation staff, set up, vendor coordination, postcard notification, specific outreach to task force members and HOAs, staffing, and break-down. Plus, as part of the Community Conversation Outreach team, we coordinated bilingual intercept surveys at the Gene C. Reid Park.

Community Engagement-edit.jpg

Ready, Set, REC! Name & Mark

Our team researched and benchmarked other mobile recreation programs for inspiration, interviewed Parks & Recreation staff, and facilitated an internal brainstorming session for the new name and mark. The new name/mark incorporates an existing color palette with a more contemporary typeface, punctuation, and a declarative pop of green.  

ARPA mockup.png

Website Explains $136.2M in ARPA Funding

Thanks to a rapid response by city staff and Mayor and Council, Tucson received $136.2M in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding. The Kaneen team organized and developed new content, created icons and graphics, sourced images, fact checked, and launched the ARPA website on the OpenGov platform. 

Prop 411 one sheet flyer_ENG-SPN_print_Page_2.jpg
Prop 411 Card MockUp.png

Proposition 411

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Tucson Economic Advancement Center-3.jpg

Planning & Development Services

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